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Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organ Installation at The Episcopal Church of the Holy Family, Jasper, GA.  

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University of North Texas Boosts Connectivity with Focusrite’s RedNet Systems


Pictured L-R: Ted White (RedNet Senior Technical Sales), Kurt Howell (RedNet National Accounts Manager), Blair Liikala (Director, Recording Services, UNT College of Music) and Derek Miller (Audio Technical Director, UNT College of Music), pictured in the Murchison Performing Arts Center with a portion of the University of North Texas College of Music’s arsenal of Focusrite RedNet devices.

DENTON, TX – The College of Music at the University of North Texas recently completed a large installation of RedNet components from Focusrite. A total of 44 RedNet units, which act as interfaces for the Dante Ethernet-based audio-over-IP network infrastructure, now connect the school’s two main performance halls. Pictured in the Murchison Performing Arts Center are, from left, FocusRite's Ted White and Kurt Howell and UNT's Blair Liikala and Derek Miller.

More details from FocusRite (

Each hall has its own recording control room, and a portable jazz workshop, with a total of 64 I/O.

Seven RedNet 1 and seven RedNet 2 units provide the I/O interfaces; six RedNet D16 AES interfaces offer 16 channels of AES/EBU connectivity to and from a Dante audio network; a pair of RedNet D64Rs provides the link between the Dante network and any MADI / AES10 setup; four RedNet HD32R units are the interfaces that allow Pro Tools|HD users direct access to the full benefits of the Dante digital audio networking system; 17 RedNet MP8R units are 8-channel remote-controlled microphone preamplifiers and A/D-conversion for the Dante network; and a RedNet 3 connects the digital audio systems and components to the RedNet network, with up to 32 inputs and outputs and full software remote control. The system was sold and designed by A/V design and installation firm Audio DAWg (Spunky Brunone, owner) of Irving, Texas. The system installation at the University, located in Denton, Texas, took place in August of this year.

A portion of the University of North Texas College of Music’s arsenal of Focusrite RedNet devices, pictured in the Murchison Performing Arts Center, one of their main performance spaces.

“They wanted to get the system in and running before the semester began,” says Brunone, who brought the RedNet/Dante combination to the attention of Blair Liikala, Manager of Recording Services at the University’s College of Music, about a year ago. “It was a very good fit for what they wanted to do,” he says. “They had been looking at using MADI as the audio transport format, but they already had a lot of fiber in the buildings from a previous networking system they had been using which was no longer being supported, and a lot of their hardware, such as mic pre-amps and their ProTools|HD system, could be made to work on a Dante network using the RedNet interfaces. It was just a great fit and great solution.”

Audio DAWg principal Spunky Brunone, pictured with the RedNet units he spec’ed for the University of North Texas College of Music.

Blair Liikala agrees. “We have two buildings and multiple spaces that have to be connected, as well as new equipment that was part of the upgrade, such as a Yamaha CL5 console for FOH in one of the halls,” he explains. “The jazz program has been bringing in more and bigger-name guest artists, and that’s been driving up our channel count. So we needed a good connectivity solution that would encompass the entire facility, in two buildings, and increase the number of channels we had available. The combination of RedNet and Dante did exactly that.”

Derek Miller, UNT College of Music Audio Technical Director, adds, “The MP8R's were ideal for us for several reasons – one huge thing we were looking for was remote control of the mic pre's, which is very simple via the Rednet control app. Also, a bonus was the built-in splitter with gain compensation, since we share the mic pre's between FOH and recording.”

Liikala adds that RedNet’s plug-and-play nature made it easy for him and his one staffer to install the entire system, taking advantage of the campus’ existing fiber cabling. “We went from 32 to 64 channels, so that solved that problem, and the very specific nature of the RedNet interfaces made designing the system very straightforward. For instance, the RedNet D64R units act as the interfaces for the MADI that we’re using to run between the two buildings a block apart, and we can use them as two separate networks or combine them into a single network. And routing audio anywhere with Dante and RedNet is a breeze.”

Spunky Brunone says he’s been increasingly seeing the RedNet/Dante combination as the perfect solution for exactly this kind of complex, multi-space situation. “Dante offers schools like the University of North Texas a way to move audio around a big campus efficiently and cost-effectively, and RedNet has the interfaces for any type of connectivity they need. It’s a great combination.”






College Connects with RedNet


Los Angeles, CA (April 24, 2015)—The installation of a Dante-networked Focusrite RedNet at Cedar Valley College in Texas has provided a digital connection between the school’s theater and its recording facilities.

AV systems integrator Audio DAWg in Irving, TX sold and installed the RedNet system. According to company owner Spunky Brunone, “RedNet was the perfect way to connect the theater and the studio. It’s simple yet very robust and reliable. Plus, we are able to take the RedNet units out of the building they normally reside in and use them elsewhere on campus to route audio.”   

That, says Steve Browne, professor of recording technology at Cedar Valley College, which is part of the Dallas County Community College District, in Lancaster, TX, greatly expands how students can learn audio production. Plus, he says, “With the growing adoption of Dante networking and RedNet components in facilities all over, familiarity with the gear will give them an advantage in the competitive job market.”   

Browne continues, “I wanted to do more than just hook up a laptop next to the live console in the Performance Hall without having to run all that copper overhead and mess with all those headaches. So I looked at several options, and the Focusrite RedNet system quickly became the standout. 

“Ultimately, we ended up with three RedNet 4 Mic Preamp units being fed from an analog splitter off the main stage snake. They in turn feed a RedNet 5 in our Studio A Pro Tools|HD room, which shows up in the I/O as two more 192’s. We elected to run a dedicated Ethernet line between the two rooms, and now we have a perfect setup and, coupled with a laptop, we now also have a 24-track remote recording rig that we can take anywhere to do multitrack recordings. This adds another dimension to what students can learn here, which, of course, is the end goal.” 

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New installation features Hapi, Horus and Pyramix 9


Dallas, Texas, USA. October 2014: September 13th saw a major Gala concert given at the Meyerson Symphony Center. This was notable for two reasons; firstly it featured violinist Itzhak Perlman and the Dallas Symphony Orchestra; and it was the first concert to be recorded with the new recording equipment featuring Merging Technologies’ Horus and Hapi Networked Audio interfaces, two Merging silent PC chassis, and Pyramix 9 MassCore. The hall was filled to capacity and the event was simulcast to a nearby park where thousands were able to enjoy the music and video. The TV truck was fed audio via MADI from one of the Hapi converters and the sound in the park was rated as “excellent”.The orchestra, under its Music Director Jaap van Zweden is performing at very high levels these days and the DSO is rated as one of the top orchestras in the country.


The whole recording chain at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas was replaced this summer by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. President and CEO Jonathan Martin along with resident recording engineers George Gilliam and Roy Cherryhomes identified the limitations of the current equipment and chose Merging Technologies as a partner to move their recording activities to the next level. 


George Gilliam takes up the story; “The microphones include Schoeps CCM and Pearl microphones hanging from the attic and canopy above the stage.  We have one Horus in the attic for those mics, plus three Hapi converters.  They provide 56 channels of microphone preamps and converters capable of DSD/DXD performance.  Two are installed at the stage for spot microphones, or special setups using mics on stands. The third Hapi is in the audio control room in the basement of the building.  A fiber Gigabit Ethernet network was also added to connect all these points for the RAVENNA network. I couldn't be happier with the operational and sonic performance of the Horus/Hapi converters and microphone preamps.  The equipment in the control room is straight-forward.  We installed two Merging silent computers for primary and backup recorders and each one is running Pyramix MassCore software with Flux VST plug-ins for dynamics and EQ processing.  A custom Argosy desk houses the PCs, two 24” LED monitors and four Avid/Euphonix Artist Series controllers which operate the Pyramix mixers.  The main monitoring system includes a custom 5.1 surround monitor controller built by Rens Heijnis in the Netherlands, and five Avalon ‘Mixing Monitors’ plus subwoofer.  Powered monitors by Focal and Klein + Hummel are also available for reference.” 


Supply and installation of the equipment was undertaken by Audio DAWg from nearby Irving. CEO, Spunky Brunone has been selling Merging equipment for a number of years and when he started Audio DAWg, he particularly wanted to keep the line.  “It's such a tightly integrated system. I really like the customizable mixing console, DSD capability, integrated CD burning, and the cool software plug-in tools that come with the system.  I think besides all of those great things, Merging offering their RAVENNA/AES67 hardware truly makes this a great system.  Having this kind of power all integrated by one vendor is outstanding.  You know it's all going to work.”


A few weeks on, George Gilliam had this to say: “We can pronounce the project finished and a resounding success.  It fulfils all our goals, and the Merging hardware and software operate flawlessly.  I still cannot believe the sound quality improvement in the audio control room, all due to the fine microphone preamps and converters in Hapi/Horus. These are the highest quality I've experienced. This is an incredible system that perfectly meets the needs for classical music recording and production. I can't imagine using anything else.”





Merging Technologies SA is a Swiss manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in developing groundbreaking, professional Audio and Video products for a wide range of entertainment and media industries.  With a dedicated user base in the elite end of the music, film, television, mastering and performances industries, Merging is committed to developing product ranges with unrivalled quality and flexibility, no matter what the application. Merging builds tools for people who want more from their systems, have a inherent need to push boundaries, and believe that quality always comes first, every time.


RAVENNA is a solution for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based network environments. Utilizing standardized network protocols and technologies, RAVENNA can operate on existing network infrastructures. RAVENNA is designed to meet the strict requirements of the pro audio market featuring low latency, full signal transparency and high reliability and is fully AES67 compatible. With a capacity of nearly 8 x MADI streams over a single Gigabit Ethernet link, it is also the first and only Layer-3 based IP audio protocol with full support for high-channel count DXD and DSD signals.


While primarily targeting the professional broadcast market, RAVENNA is also suitable for deployment in other pro audio market segments like live sound, install market and recording. Possible fields of application include (but are not limited to) in-house signal distribution in broadcasting houses, theatres, concert halls and other fixed installations, flexible setups at venues and live events, OB van support, inter-facility links across WAN connections and in production & recording applications.


Audio DAWg is a boutique pro audio dealership in Irving, Texas with a well equipped demo room in a quiet, non-retail environment. Founded in 2007 by Spunky Brunone after 22 years in the music retail industry, Audio DAWg believes in offering exceptional service and support before and after the sale. The company abides by the maxim; “Treat the customer as you would want to be treated.”  


About the Dallas Symphony 

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra, under the leadership of Music Director Jaap van Zweden, presents the finest in orchestral music at the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center, regarded as one of the world's premier concert halls. As the largest performing arts organization in the Southwest, the DSO is committed to inspiring the broadest possible audience with distinctive classical programs, family programming and innovative multi-media presentations. In fulfilling its commitment to the community, the DSO’s involvement with the City of Dallas and the surrounding region includes an award-winning multi-faceted educational program, community projects, popular parks concerts and children’s programming. The DSO has a tradition dating back to 1900, and it is a cornerstone of the unique, 68-acre Arts District in downtown Dallas that is home to multiple performing arts venues, museums and parks; the largest district of its kind in the nation. More information about the organization is available at